Fresh sales ban not quite working
Kids still just might get their cider

In Estonia cider with its 1.2 percent content is considered a non-alcoholic beverage. For someone aged 12, half a litre has quite an effect. 

Two weeks ago, sellers said such cider and non-alcohol beer would no longer be sold o minors. An experiment by Postimees showed half stick not to the rule.

At request by Postimees, Triin (12) paid a visit to six stores in Tallinn to purchase non-alcohol beer and cider.

The girl got the goods at Laagri Comarket, at Hiiu Maxima she attracted no attention. At Mustika Prisma, she was not denied. In Pääsküla Selver, she was told a firm no while other shoppers tried to help her out. In Laagri Rimi, the «no» rung loud and clear.  In building next door, Maksimarket also refused the purchase.

Talking to press representatives, Postimees got the impression that the ban would better be written in law.

Also, some cited lack of clarity around when the ban would enter into force and underlined the importance of a pan-Estonian awareness campaign.