Editorial: game of drones in sky, media, and minds


No surprise that Russia wants to affect us. What matters most is reaction in the society. 

Regarding the Norwegian web portal AldriMer information about a Russian special services drone seen at NATO exercises in Estonia last April, Estonian defence minister and security police itself assure us the context of the news and  use of the term «special forces» is misleading.

Meanwhile, all institutions admit Russia has activated its intelligence in light of recent news of potentially boosted NATO presence.

What, then, do we conclude? Was the drone spying, monitoring reactions, or seeking to provoke?

With issues related to security, media has to be the more careful, and critical towards its sources. Even so, we must ask and state representatives need to answer.

In communication, the state may not act insecure and idle while information bits are already being spread.    

«Informing the public is a most effective and democratic means to prevent threats available to security police constitutionally to protect public order. It is our duty to use the best means and methods,» security police chief Arnold Sinisalu wrote in annual report presented in April.

That says it all. 

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