Estonia to keep fighting FIS, says Mae

Jaak Mae.

PHOTO: Toomas Tatar

As admitted by Jaak Mae, secretary-general of Estonian Ski Association, the fight with International Ski Federation (FIS) will continue to the uttermost – for Estonia to be able to get its fourth Nordic Combined (cross-country plus ski jump) guy to the Olympic Games at Sochi, Russia. «There is no reason why we should have been robbed a place, awarding it to Russia,» said Mr Mae. «We asked Nordic Combined chiefs for explanation, so far still waiting for a response.»

Even so, said Mr Mae, the Ski Association would not get involved in the Nordic Combined debate. «We have given it over to specialists, the Nordic Combined committee.»

Estonian Olympic Committee’s top sports manager Martti Raju thinks there’s nothing doing, now. «International Olympic Committee will definitely not intervene, it is up to FIS to fill the 55 Nordic Combined spots. It’s a pity. In team contest, a tenth place would have been ours for granted.»

On the bright side: on account of those dropping out, Estonia gained an extra place for ski jumpers: in addition to Kaarel Nurmsalu, Siim-Tanel Sammelselg also gets to jump in Sochi.