Rõivas rules out coalition with Centre

Taavi Rõivas ja Siim Kallas.

PHOTO: Erik Prozes / Postimees

As election results were declared, Prime Minister Taavi Rõivas (Reform) said it was now time to think about a new three party coalition.

«For the people in Estonia, I assume the basic choices were driven by security issues, and then the economy. I believe the choice was worded clearly enough for people to want Estonia to continue the firm course it has set,» said Mr Rõivas.

«Surely, we need to recognise the newcomers. They were able to offer their alternatives and make it into parliament. This, I think, is the major change we have this time around – instead of four, to have six parties in the parliament.»

Mr Rõivas added he would now communicate with leaders of other parties to see with whom world view common ground could be found. «Obviously, a two party coalition would not work, as that would only be an option with Centre Party, but as I said before the elections so I say again – we will have no coalition with Centre. Consequently, we will need two partners and this will be quite a challenge.»

In the opinion of Mr Rõivas, Estonia being well protected remains the main challenge. «We need to be good allies in NATO and EU. We will labour towards allied presence to increase; but the economic topics are very important as well, that wellbeing would go up and income edging closer to that in Finland.»

In his address, Mr Rõivas extended thanks to voters and comrades in the party.