Experts: Speed of car that crashed killing 3 young men was 140 kmh

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The speed of the car that crashed into roadside trees in Tallinn's Parnamae district shortly after midnight on Tuesday killing three young people inside was 140 kilometers per hour, experts have found.

The accident happened in a 50 kmh zone.

«The tentative assessment given at the accident site was that the accident was caused by incorrect choice of speed by the driver. Now the actual speed of the Audi has been established and we hope also to find out about all other circumstances of the accident as quickly as possible – at the moment we are waiting for expert conclusions concerning the potential intoxication of the driver of the vehicle,» district prosecutor Rainer Amur said in a press release on Thursday.

Road conditions at the time of the accident were good and the street lighting worked.

The driver of the vehicle had obtained his provisional driving license four months ago and all the people in the vehicle had their seat belts fastened.

The accident happened when a 18-year-old man driving an Audi A4 Avant lost control of the vehicle near the intersection of Parnamae and Aigrumae roads in a forested area on the eastern outskirts of Tallinn and the vehicle smashed into trees on the right side of the road. The driver and both passengers, aged 18 and 19, are believed to have died immediately.

All three victims were final-year students of Viimsi School.