Evidence points at accident with perished border guards

Liis Velsker
, reporter
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At press conference yesterday, Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) internal audit office said that according to evidence accumulated an accident happened with border guards who perished at sea near Haapsalu on June 28th. The cause of the alleged accident is still unknown. 

At that, said Western prefecture prosecutor Kristine Tamm, «the bulk of the investigation is still ahead.»

As explained by PPA internal audit head Raul Vahtra, once on location they detected no damage with the boat to point to it having hit a stone or a log the impact thus throwing the men into the sea.

Meanwhile, the forensic expertise is still underway.

Thus far, serious health issues have been excluded, as well as intoxication with alcohol or drugs.

A version of the border guards having been attacked has basically been excluded. Also, it is deemed unlikely that a conflict arose between the two men – bodily injuries do not point to a fight in the boat. Neither does the boat carry any marks of such a conflict.

Radio coverage and map plotters reveal the boat was headed towards the north at a low speed of about 9 km/h at 6:36 pm, performed a U-turn and picked up speed on its way back. Having achieved maximum speed of 54 km/h, it did a sudden manoeuvre at a speed little lower and proceeded to circle on one spot.

PPA representative Marti Magnus said a manoeuvre at near top speed is unusual. He said the men may have noticed something or were hurrying towards something – of which they failed to notify.

A thorough reconstruction of the events is planned with help by international experts.

Both bodies found in the water had life vests on. With one, it had opened.

PPA is calling upon people who were in the area of the accident on June 28th to contact them.