Sa, 2.12.2023

New episode emerging in Savisaar suspicion

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Photo: Sander Ilvest

While suspended from office as Mayor of Tallinn, Centre chairman Edgar Savisaar still feels like one. Meanwhile, his criminal case thus far featuring four episodes has led to a new suspicion. 

During the four months of investigations, security police and prosecutor’s office have arrived at the conclusion that the endgame is in spring, earliest. It’s later, rather, as the investigation is full of surprises and takes turns difficult to predict.

New information is said to be in the pipeline. To the knowledge of Postimees, the crime suspicion may be related to the mysterious Swiss bank account of Mr Savisaar.

The related criminal case was initiated by security police in February 2011 and prosecutor’s office has been at it since end of 2014.

Essentially, what is being investigated is links between Mr Savisaar and the Swiss family fund Arsai Investment.

To the bank account of this very fund, large sums have been transferred by businessman Alexander Kofkin – also a het figure of the current bribes scandal around Mr Savisaar.

Pursuant to the suspicion, Mr Savisaar used the Swiss bank account to hide money acquires in a corrupt manner. No suspicion has been file, the matter complicated by procedure of receiving answers to letters rogatory from Switzerland.

The abovementioned four episodes feature one to do with unsubstantiated extension of rental agreement and acceptance of benefits due to that. The second is linked to continued construction works without building permit. The next episode is about swapping of plots and benefits promised for that and the final episode concerns a procurement.