Fr, 2.12.2022
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52 tons of chemical leaked from railway tank cars

52 tons of chemical leaked from railway tank cars
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It has been determined by now that 51.9 tons of chemicals leaked from two railway tank cars on Monday evening in northeastern Estonia.

It is a vaporizing chemical and therefore it is not possible to determine the exact amount of chemical that seeped into the ground, a representative of the logistics company EVR Cargo said on Thursday.

Representatives of the Environmental Inspectorate, EVR Cargo and the cargo's recipient were present when the solvent was reloaded on Wednesday, and they measured the loss.

The owner of the leaked tank cars is not EVR Cargo. The company also said that it carried out all necessary checks before the train departed but found no spills or other problems. EVR Cargo promises to do everything in its power to determine all the details of the incident so that no such incidents take place in the future, a representative of the company said.

The Environmental Inspectorate has opened a criminal investigation into the spills that occurred in Sonda and Tapa train stations on Monday evening.