Editorial: the vociferous surrender of Superbus


PHOTO: Postimees

«We had big plans in Estonia but regrettably we cannot carry them out,» owner of SuperBus.com trademark Bus Transport Holding OÜ announced at end of last week. 

To substantiate, the company said they were unable to develop a business financially viable in Estonia. At end of July, their short yet colourful Estonian era will be over. 

The line permits were delayed and ended up at court. Was the market not so open after all?

The public ought to know as a foreign investor – totally successful in Finland, for instance – has assessed out business environment as altogether negative.

Among other things, they have accused Road Administration in collusion with other market players.

For passengers, Superbus brought the welcome lowering of prices. All of a sudden, buses again stopped at places where it had not happened for a while.

As they go, the village routes will suffer and problems with rural areas serviced will persist.

All told, the discussion about bus transport was mightily stirred up this past year – like never before. For that, we extend our thanks to Superbus, all the way to Scotland.