Sa, 4.02.2023
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Police looking into bomb threat against Estonia-Germany flights

Police looking into bomb threat against Estonia-Germany flights
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Police presence has been beefed up in the Tallinn airport area as Estonia's Internal Security Service (ISS) is investigating a bomb threat against Estonia-Germany flights.

The Tallinn airport and ISS received after 2 a.m. Monday calls from a man calling himself a member of the Islamic group Daesh who announced his intention to blow up a plane en route from Tallinn to Germany within a week. The calls were made in English, from an Estonian cell phone number and from Estonian territory.

Immediately after the call the police made an extra check of the security of the Tallinn airport and outbound flights. Security measures at the airport were stepped up.

ISS opened a criminal investigation into the attack against aviation safety. The proceeding is directed by the Office of the Prosecutor General. «At the moment there isn't any other information indicative of actual danger beside the phone call, but we take the threats seriously,» state prosecutor Inna Ombler said.

«Although Daesh has not given advance warning of its attacks, we're stepping up security measures and have started a proceeding to capture the person who made the threat. Safety of aviation must be guaranteed by security measures regardless of whether threats are made or not,» deputy director of ISS Aleksander Toots said.

The beefed-up security is not expected to require more time from passengers and flights are departing from the Tallinn airport on schedule.