IRL pockets biggest party donations in second quarter


PHOTO: Andres Haabu

According to data filed to watchdog, IRL led the pack in political party donation in second quarter with €23,165, trailed by Sod Dems at €16,617 donated, Reform (€10,622), the Free (€3,135) and EKRE (€2,849). Centre Party is yet to send in the data.

Of the sum given to IRL, €15,000 came from three entrepreneurs: Margo Klaasmägi (IRL) gave € 6,000, non-party Väino Kaldoja €5,000 and Andres Lume (IRL) €4,000.

Among top politicians in IRL, largest donation was by Riigikogu member Einar Vallbaum – €2,600.  

For half a year, the party gas received €76, 359 in donations.  

Reform Party receiver €36,600 in donations over the first six months of 2016, of which €20,000 was by Väino Kaldoja and €15,000 from one-time Res Publica founder Olari Taal.

Meanwhile, Soc Dems are getting donations by own politicians. In second quarter, MEP Marju Lauristin topped the list with €2,000 in second quarter and €5,000 in half year as total. Of Riigikogu members Rainer Vakra donated €1,728 in Q2 with Heljo Pikhof second place at €1,125. All soc dem ministers made donations in Q2.  

The Free got its second quarter money from its parliamentarians mainly, at €2,500 of the €3,100 total.  

EKRE’s €2,849 was from a total of 98 people. Its half year total stands at €5,853 from 186 people.