Sa, 2.12.2023

Criminal case triggered by big mouth

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«Meet you at midnight, at door to your house, see what life is all about.» A short summary of what the guy told boss when threatened to be sacked. The seriousness of what was said brought police to his home to find hundreds of illegal cartridges.   

The staff turnover is huge at the information technology and development centre at interior ministry. Former senior technician Jaan Ojamets is among the few who are willing to tell the story of his sacking.  

His version leaves the impression of a criminal case conjured to get rid of the man. At a closer look, however, he is no simple sufferer either but a conflict creating guy at work.

Feared by colleagues

The tall Mr Ojamets was an experienced cadre of fife years of career. For the department, that’s long. Out of that, he is said to have developed the habit to try to take over management of the office in Tartu.

«He was always working against everything at work,» confesses a colleague.  

Hence the decision to sack the man, last summer. In the war of words, the threats sounded loud and clear.  

The specific threats to meet in darkness of night being the serious kind.

Therefore, the superior notified police fearing he’d get shot.

Police summonsed

What made matters look worse was the former colleagues recalling the man once bringing cartridges to work. His father, he said, has been a Defence League member as well as he at present.

A background checked stated he had no weapons permit. So he was not supposed to possess cartridges. Criminal Code says this would be punishable.

In his country home, police dogs helped «unearth» close to 300 old cartridge, plus some signal rockets and explosives.

Before even searched, Mr Ojamets admitted there might be cartridges in his home – as owned by his father who dies over ten years back.

Fate awaited

«Never knew there was so much of the stuff,» he told the police.

The criminal case is  underway for over 200 days. The delay is due to expert assessment still pending if the ammunition still «works».

If not, the court is off.