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The whirlwind of police chief scandals

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Herman Simm, barely six months in office as director-general at police, was found to have arranged the transportation into Estonia of a dental unit into Estonia as humanitarian aid for his then unmarried partner and dentist Valentina Simm. Forced out of the post, he promptly engaged in treason.


Central Criminal Police deputy director Koit Pikaro faced court in 1996 charged with misuse of official position having failed to initiate criminal proceedings regarding robbery and blackmail towards Pärnu businessman Ain Künnapas. For lack of evidence, Mr Pikaro was judged not guilty but he did step down.


On June 19th 2005, police board director-general Robert Antropov had his parents driven to a spa in Saaremaa in a BMW X5 police SUV used for security for prime minister and foreign guests. Initially, interior minister Kalle Laanet imposed a disciplinary penalty on Mr Antropov, but two months later another such ride for parents was exposed. Thereafter, the government demanded that Mr Antropov resign.


In 2012, for months in Ida-Virumaa police measured speed of vehicles and imposed fined to 178 people using unverified speed camera. Policemen responsible and Eastern prefect Aldis Alus lost jobs. However, in order to restore peace within the organisation, director-general Raivo Küüt opted to resign as well.

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