Gallery: guy takes car to test ice at sea. Too thin

On the one hand, it didn't go too well with the lad opting to test thickness of ice in Rohuküla, Lääne County for the vehicle sank to the bottom of the sea. On the other hand, it wasn't too bad at all as no human got hurt. 

The alarm centre was notified at 12:35 in the night of the car gone through the ice some 100 meters from the shore. The one on the phone said it was all right though as the wheels were touching the bottom and no life was in danger, said Western prefecture press rep.

Once on location, the police checked the situation and alcohol level involved. The driver (24) was sober and said all he wanted to do was test the thickness of ice. They agreed the owner would call a tug in the morning to pull the car back to dry land.

The police would remind readers that though the weather is cold in Estonia, at places the ice isn’t thick enough to walk or drive on. And as for the vehicles, the police advises the prescribed and tested ice roads only – like the one officially opened Noarootsi to Haapsalu.