Sa, 28.01.2023
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1,092 delegates and 1,500 ballots

Tuuli Koch
, reporter
1,092 delegates and 1,500 ballots
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Photo: Maria Kilk

To avoid trouble with the pieces of paper, ballots will be handed out as delegates to Centre Party  congress this Sunday step up to the boxes. Not at the start of the event, as it has always been.

Actually, there are several reasons to the change of tradition. Firstly, the delegates may grow tired and desiring to get home while it is still light they may fill the ballots and hand them to others and the papers may get lost. Secondly, perhaps while they are filling the ballots, somebody will be itching to sway them.

Also a first: the vote happens in a restricted area where delegates may only enter when presenting an identity document. Also: the area allows no photos taken.

To the knowledge of Postimees, 79 people from Estonia over are present to monitor the casting of votes. All in the name of hones elections.

HQ serving Savisaar

Technically, Edgar Savisaar has somewhat of an advantage – the party headquarters have always worked for the sitting chairman and this time is no exception.

With 1,092 delegates expected, 1,500 ballot papers have been ordered for each procedure. For the four management bodies – that’ll total 6,000. This, the party substantiates by saying some may be spoilt.

Earlier, insiders claim to have witnessed people putting lots of ballots in the box.    

Anyway, the 15th Centre Congress has already been labeller the «courage-cowardice conference» in light of whether there will be enough bold ones to stand for Kadri Simson, or will the fearful ones win out who fail to see a future for the party post-Savisaar.

Campaigning big time

While Ms Simson and her helpers have opted to be rather withdrawn this past week, Team Savisaar powers on in all party media with complaints featured.

Monday afternoon, Mr Savisaar sent members a letter wherein he answered a long-time Centre cadre Feja Räim who asked Ms Simson to be promptly expelled from the party.

Mr Savisaar wrote about how Mr Räim had expressed concern regarding behaviour by Ms Simson while campaigning and may not be mentally okay.

Let it be

«I do not think Kadri Simson should be expelled from the party,» answered Mr Savisaar.

«I hope the rest of the board shares my view. Every member of the party has the right to run for the chairman and, alas, also to choose the methods of campaigning. The chairman is elected by delegates to the congress who, among other things, have the right and obligation to judge the campaigns and their content,» continued Mr Savisaar.

Team Simson just smiles: «Nervous, Mr Savisaar is projecting his desperate methods on others.»