Did you know that...

Estonian to the left.

PHOTO: blogs.reuters.com

In 2014, Estonia was visited by 17, 303 Japanese tourists while Japan was visited by 2,861 Estonian tourists. And did you also know that...

  • An input into tourism development comes by former top sumo-wrestler Kaido Höövelson (pictured, then Baruto) whose travel agency Baruto Tours is focussed on bringing Japanese tourists to Estonia.
  • Estonia is known and recognised in Japan as a e-state; last year, Estonia hosted over 30 delegations from Japan including large and prestigious corporations.
  • Japan has launched introduction of an analogue to Estonian ID card.
  • Estonian e-residency card has been issued to nearly hundred citizens of Japan whose primary goal is business interests in Estonia or via Estonia in EU.
  • About 90 Estonians constantly live/work/study in Japan. In 2015, close to 400 Estonians work in Nagasaki dock, Japan, as related to the building of two cruise ships.

 Source: Eesti Pank, Estonian Embassy in Japan