A million a year

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Costs compensated for Estonian parliamentarians sometimes strike the eye as funny... five liters of liquid soap, thousands of boxes of matches, silk scarfs for voters. Otherwise, this membership No 13 looks pretty prudent in its initial months. Some may still wonder whether they just have to spend the extra million euros a year as added to the four-Estonian-averages salaries. Anyway, Postimees took the trouble to browse reports filed. What costs them the most is showing off cars. 

The average monthly car leasing payment for Riigikogu member is €400–€500 a month. Some pay half of that, some twice the amount. Centre’s Kersti Sarapuu has found a SUV to pay €930 for – a Mercedes-Benz ML Bluetec 4Matic.

On picture, find Märt Sults of same party. His BMW (x5 4.0 xDrive) sets him back €723 a month. Again from Centre, Toomas Vitsut drives a €696 a month Mercedes S320.

At the other end, meet Ants Laaneots and Johannes Kert (Reform, both former Army commanders) and Viktoria Ladõnskaja of IRL – mere €280 a month.

Or take Reform’s Igor Gräzin at €180. Monika Haukanõmm (the Free) gets along with a Peugeot 3008 for €206.

The sweet tooth

One hand’s fingers are enough to count those at Toompea who do not drive a car. Some, however, make payments out of the base salary and ask for no compensation like Liina Kersna, Eerik-Niiles Kross, Madis Milling – all Reform.

There’s this €6 Riigikogu candy box that has proven pretty popular.

Other costs compensated feature training services for compilation of draft Acts by Imre Sooäär (Reform) as ordered in March from law office Aavik & Partnerid. Aivar Kokk (IRL) up and bought a candle stand for a village society’s 15th birthday. Tarmo Tamm (Centre) got compensated for €6 spent on stamps.

Light the fire

In Riigikogu from EKRE,  Raivo Põldaru stands responsible for the thousand match boxes and 5 l liquid soap compensation – €41.

The matches were adorned with party logos and handed to voters with the text «EU loans and shavings fire don’t last long,» as reported to Riigikogu bookkeeper. At end of the day, soap was not compensated for application withdrawn or failing to qualify.

While most ask for a couple of mobile phone number bills covered, Centre’s Siret Kotka sets the record with five.

Of these, taxpayer pays Ms Kotka for three totalling to the tune of €35–€55 a month.