Estonia reports new ASF cases in Tartu, Viljandi counties


The Estonian Food and Veterinary Board said on Tuesday it has detected African swine fever (ASF) in domestic pigs on two more farms with altogether 4,000 pigs in southern Estonia.

The disease was found in pigs at a farm situated in the Puhja rural municipality in Tartu County, where 3,804 pigs are kept, and at a farm with 120 pigs in the Tolliste municipality of Valga County, the Food and Veterinary Board said.

All the pigs will be killed and the carcasses destroyed.

So far ASF has been found in domestic pigs in the West-Viru, Valga, Voru, Tartu, Viljandi and Jogeva counties of Estonia and altogether approximately 17,000 pigs raised on the affected farms have been killed.

ASF does not pose a threat to other animal species or humans but can be deadly for domestic and wild swine and cause massive losses to the pig farming sector.