Estonian tourist falls to death from hotel balcony in Turkey

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An Estonian aged 45 has dropped to his death from a hotel room balcony in Kiriş resort of Kemer, Turkey.

The incident has been confirmed to Postimees by Estonian foreign ministry.

According to local news portal, the man was on holiday in the region of Antalya with his wife and a son aged five. The family was staying in a five star hotel.  

The tragic accident occurred as the man fell from a balcony on third floor. Initial data says he lost his balance while on the balcony.  

Hitting the concrete below, he died instantly. The body of the tourist was sent for evisceration by local forensic experts.

As told Postimees by sister of the deceased, she was the first informed by his brother’s wife. Her brother’s wife called her husband at 6.35 pm yesterday. A minute later, as they saw a call had gone unanswered, they rang back.

«She could not get the words out and was just saying he is dead, he is dead …» said the sister. «From what she was trying to say, we pieced together that my brother fell down from a balcony. When we called back again, later, she had obviously taken a tranquiliser and was able to tell us more.»

According to the wife of the deceased, they had been eating out and gone to the hotel to rest. They were intending to go out again, later. «My brother had severe diabetes. In hot weather, he felt sick often as the blood sugar went down. Probably, he got off the bed and went to the balcony to cool himself, but when the blood sugar drops, then, as we know, people lose balance and it goes black before the eyes,» said the sister.

At 2 pm today, the wife of the deceased was scheduled to go get his death certificate and afterwards meet the consul. «The whole day we have been in contact with the insurance and the foreign ministry,» said the sister.

Around 6 pm, she got a call from her brother’s wife who had received the medical expertise data stating that no alcohol intoxication was detected with the deceased.

The family travelled to Turkey on Thursday last week.