African swine fever found on pig farm in Estonia's Jarva County

The African swine fever (ASF) was for the first time found on a pig farm in Estonia's Jarva County.

The organic farm with 385 pigs belongs to Mahetooted OU and the disease was found in the carcass of a pig, it can be seen from the decision of the head of the Veterinary and Food Board's Jarva County center.

If the animal keeper has followed all the necessary rules and regulations, the value of the animals killed or dead due to the disease will be compensated to the owner.

On Thursday the Veterinary and Food Board said it had discovered ASF on a pig farm in Tartu County during a routine check and as a result 1,200 pigs are to be killed.

The first incidents of domestic pigs infected with ASF occurred last week on two farms in Viljandi County and in one household in Valga County. The official diagnosis was confirmed on July 20 and more than 500 pigs were killed.

African swine fever does not pose a threat to other animal species or humans but can be deadly for domestic and wild swine and cause massive losses to the pig farming sector.