Debating Society: Scotland would be economically viable with its abundance of natural resource

The Union Flag and Saltire, the national flag of Scotland, are flown above above Horseguards in central London on September 17, 2014, ahead of the referendum on Scotland's independence. Campaigners for and against Scottish independence scrambled for votes on Wednesday on the eve of a knife-edge referendum that will either see Scotland break away from the United Kingdom or gain sweeping new powers with greater autonomy.


Scotland would be economically a viable country with its abundance of natural resource, finds Estonian Debating Society's team in today’s online debate.

Scotland would be an economically viable country with its abundance of natural resources, finds the Estonian Debating Society's team in today’s online debate.

The Estonian Debating Society is happy to conclude this debate on Scottish independence. It is of course a controversial question with many obstacles for Scotland to overcome in case of a ´Yes’ vote, however the country is fully ready to choose its own path for the future.

The debate here was mainly about the currency union. Abdul Turay seems to say that Scotland is not choosing independence if it wants to stay in the currency union with the rest of the UK. As we have explained and emphasised before, Scotland is free in choosing which currency is most suitable for itself. (meaning that if they want to give up part of independence with the currency union, it's their choice). We have tried to show that for both the UK and Scotland, being in a currency union is a beneficial step. Therefore it cannot be considered as a colonial settlement for Scotland.

We have also shown how Scotland would be economically a viable country with its abundance of natural resources and strong industries including whisky and tourism.

Abdul Turay claims that the independence movement is lead by people who are stuck in the past and therefore cannot see the bigger picture. This would mean that half of the population who are in favour of independence are blinded with radical ideas. However, the reality today is that England and Scotland are just two very different countries with different priorities.

In his opening statement, Mr Turay uses the expression divorce. We think that Scotland and England have grown apart and should separate when the time is right. The union that once started as the same, have now different ideas for their future. The only way for Scotland to take control of its potential and further develop the values it has, is to become an independent country.

Very little would change for England and the rest of the UK. Trade would still flow, the cultural ties still remain, Westminster will still be English and the friendship between the two peoples would continue. However, for Scotland everything would change and they would finally have a full right for their own future, constitution and leaders.

And this concludes today’s online debate. To call it a day, the umpire will render judgement.

The debate is happening with the cooperation of Postimees and the Estonian Debating Society.