Trust rating of Estonian police remains above 80 pct


PHOTO: Ants Liigus / Pärnu Postimees

Public trust in the Estonian police has stayed above 80 percent in the first six months of 2013.

The share of respondents in a survey conducted by Turu-uuringute AS in the first and second quarter who said they trust the police was 83 percent, spokespeople for the police told BNS.

The trust rating of the police was mostly above 80 percent also the previous year. The indicator stayed between 82 and 85 percent from January to October. The November trust survey was conducted during the time of the uncovering of the scandal over speeding fines issued by officers of the East prefecture based on readings from an uncalibrated speed measuring device. As a result the trust rating fell to 73 percent -- a record low in years.

However, the decline was temporary since in December the indicator rose to 83 percent, the same number as the average rating of 2012.

When not taking into account November 2012, the rating has not dropped below 80 percent in a single month since the beginning of 2010, even reaching 85-88 percent in some months of that year. In 2009 the average trust rating of the police was 80 percent. Since 2007 the rating has never fallen below 72 percent.