Every eighth wage earner in Estonia considers going to work abroad - survey


PHOTO: Ants Liigus / Pärnu Postimees

One out of eight wage earners in Estonia or approximately 65,000 people are ready to look for work abroad, it appears from TNS Emor's annual survey of wage earners' expectations.

The study reflected increased readiness to change jobs. Every third employee is considering changing jobs within a year and the share of such persons has increased from year to year along with the decrease in unemployment, the polling company said.

As could be expected, readiness to work abroad is bigger among younger people and non-ethnic Estonians whose bond with Estonia is weaker, TNS Emor's lead expert Mari-Liis Eensalu said.

It is rather middle-income service personnel and workers than managers and specialists who dream of a better job in some other country.

TNS Emor conducted the survey in April by interviewing a representative sample of 500 wage earners.