Tallinn copycat taxies ride risk-free

Priiuse põlistumise päev Tallinnas. Kõige rohkem aitas tähtpäevameeleolu luua Tallink Takso, kelle kõik autod olid ehitud sinimustvalgete lippudega.

PHOTO: Liis Treimann

Multiple dozens of taxies painted to resemble the Tulika or Tallink ones work the streets of Tallinn. Neither taxi companies nor officials responsible have any idea how to respond.

According to Tallink and Tulika executives, roughly 60 individuals motor around the capital with cars more or less like theirs both in colour and logo, ruining the reputation of both taxi giants and Tallinn, writes The Evening Paper (Õhtuleht).

«They ask twice or thrice the price,» says Tulika Takso board member Anne Rebane. With some copycats nearing one-on-one resemblance, there have been discussions – and the situation has improved.

With Tulika having just a handful of image-spoilers, Tallink is troubled by about 20 yellow and an equal amount of black cars, to large or lesser degrees like the originals, out to catch the ignorant.

Tallinn Transport Department senior specialist Silva Morel cannot even guess the copycat amount: «The carriers are not obliged to inform us what logos they use and we cannot require that – no law [regulating that],» said Ms Morel.

«With all documents OK, they are free to use the logo and determine prices.»