SDE, Isamaa both secure 2 seats in European Parliament

Riho Terras, leader of the Isamaa Urmas Reinsalu and Jüri Ratas.
Riho Terras, leader of the Isamaa Urmas Reinsalu and Jüri Ratas. Photo: Martin Pedaja

Both the Isamaa party and Social Democratic Party (SDE) have secured two seats each in the European Parliament elections. One mandate each went to the Reform Party, the Center Party, and the Estonian Conservative People's Party (EKRE).

The Estonian candidates elected to the European Parliament are Social Democrat Marina Kaljurand, who garnered 45,633 votes, Urmas Paet from the Reform Party with 35,586 votes, Juri Ratas from Isamaa with 33,622 votes, Jaak Madison from EKRE with 32,868 votes, Mihhail Kolvart from the Center Party with 27,576 votes, Riho Terras from Isamaa with 23,909 votes, and Social Democrat Sven Mikser with 9,991 votes.

Of the independent candidates running for the European Parliament in Estonia, Tanel Talve achieved the highest result with 1,182 votes.

In second place was Mike Calamus with 989 votes, followed by Kalle Grunthal with 368 votes, Vsevolod Jurgenson with 113 votes and Andres Inn with 110 votes.

the participation rate in European Parliament elections in Estonia was 37.7 percent.

A total of 369,426 people cast their vote, as reported by the National Electoral Committee on its website.

Altogether 215,578 votes were cast on a paper ballot while e-votes totaled 153,848.

A total of 980,014 people were eligible to vote.