19 European Speakers call on the USA to provide assistance to Ukraine to continue its fight

Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson.
Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson. Photo: Kevin Dietsch / Getty Images / AFP / SCANPIX

Speakers of the parliaments of 19 European countries sent a joint letter to Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Mike Johnson. In the letter, they call on making efforts to assist Ukraine and adopting a historic decision that will provide Ukraine with the necessary funds to continue its fight against Russia that is waging a war of aggression.

The Speakers pointed out that in recent days, a solemn anniversary had loomed large, commemorating the two-year mark since Russia and its dictatorial regime invaded Ukraine in an unprovoked and unjustified act of aggression. «This invasion has obviously endangered not only the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, but has also challenged the entire democratic world, jeopardizing the security in the whole European and Euro-Atlantic area,» they said.

According to them, over these past two years, the countries that remain committed to our shared values and believe in a world based on rules and respect to the UN Charter, have united to help Ukraine and its people in repelling the brutal aggression that is claiming hundreds of lives every day. «Our joint assistance has helped to stop the aggressor and liberate a large share of previously occupied territories of Ukraine. We welcome the indispensable and prominent role of the United States in this joint effort. The US has consistently demonstrated strong bipartisan support for Ukraine's victory in its fight against the Russian invasion,» the letter states.

The Speakers underline that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has had a significant impact on the development of the security situation in the world. «We see that while Iran and North Korea have begun to provide direct military support to Russia, the criminal actions of the Kremlin regime have inspired other dictatorial and undemocratic regimes, become a catalyst for the escalation of old conflicts, and put us on the brink of new confrontations. Today, the world is rapidly moving towards the destruction of the sustainable world order,» they say in the letter.

The Speakers from 19 European parliaments assure that they see it as their responsibility and their task to prevent this descent into chaos and impunity, and therefore their countries are committed to further increasing the support to Ukraine and its defence forces, seeing it as a considerable investment in our individual and collective security. «The axis of evil must be defeated, and all perpetrators brought to justice. This will serve as a significant deterrent to further conflicts and will return a sense of control and security to our peoples,» they note.

In the letter sent to the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, the Speakers express their conviction that thanks to his personal leadership, the Congress will demonstrate historic bipartisan unity in support of the collective efforts to assist Ukraine. «Therefore, we ask you to take the next step toward adopting a historic decision on HR 815 that will secure US assistance to foreign countries and provide Ukraine with the necessary funds to continue its fight,» they say.

The joint letter has been signed by the Speakers of the Parliaments of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czechia, Croatia, Estonia, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, the Netherlands, North-Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Ukraine. President of the Parliament of Estonia the Riigikogu Lauri Hussar signed the letter on behalf of Estonia.