TROUBLE AT SEA Estonian vessel Amalie arrived at Mersrags Port in Latvia


The ferry Amalie, which listed while en route between the small Gulf of Riga islands of Ruhnu ad Kihnu on Thursday evening, arrived at Mersrags Port in Latvia on Friday afternoon.

Sven Janson, head of field operations at the West Prefecture, said that Amalie has safely and autonomously docked at Mersrags Port.

«The four passengers and two crew members on board are in good health, and they do not require any medical attention. A representative of Kihnu Waterways, the ship's captain, and the port captain will decide how to rectify the list and where and when the ship will sail next,» Janson said.

Kihnu Waterways is safely transporting the people who were on board the ship back home.

At around 1 p.m., the Parnu police station's boat Terje, carrying people evacuated to Ruhnu island yesterday, arrived in Parnu from Ruhnu. The police warmly welcomed the passengers and offered them food.

«It will also be clarified shortly whether the accident investigation will be conducted by the Safety Investigation Bureau or the Transport Administration,» Janson added.

Amalie listed on Thursday evening due to its cargo shifting while traveling from Ruhnu to Kihnu. The ferry was carrying a fuel truck, an excavator, and two small cars.

At the time of the listing, there were 16 people on board the ferry Amalie, including 13 passengers and three crew members, with wave heights reaching a couple of meters. Ruhnu rescuers took on three people, seven were taken on by a helicopter of the Police and Border Guard Board and transported to Ruhnu. One crew member had to be quickly taken to Parnu Hospital due to a health issue.

Initially heading towards Ruhnu, the listing ship could not enter the Ruhnu harbor due to unfavorable wind direction and the ship's list, prompting the captain to decide to sail to Latvia.