Sa, 2.12.2023

Jaanus Karilaid to become this parlt composition's 1st MP without group

Jaanus Karilaid.
Jaanus Karilaid. Photo: Mihkel Maripuu

Jaanus Karilaid, who recently left the Center Party and decided to join Isamaa, will soon become the first MP without a parliamentary group in the current composition of the Estonian parliament.

Karilaid told BNS that he will submit an application to leave the Center Party group to the Riigikogu board and Center Party group chairman Tanel Kiik on Monday. After the application is approved, Karilaid will become an MP without a parliamentary group in the Riigikogu.

«That I must remain until 2027. Such is law,» Karilaid said, referring to the Riigikogu Rules of Procedure and Internal Rules Act.

According to the law, an MP can leave a parliamentary group during the composition's term of office, but they cannot join another group.

According to Karilaid, he will participate in a sitting of the Isamaa group on Monday.

«Legally, I cannot join, but substantive cooperation started today,» he added.

Jaanus Karilaid will be the first MP without a parliamentary group in the composition of the 15th Riigikogu. On the Riigikogu website, he is currently still on the list of the Center Party group. According to the commercial register, Karilaid's Center Party membership ended on Sept. 16.