Su, 1.10.2023

Measuring of speed between speed cameras pending data protection permission

Measuring of speed between speed cameras pending data protection permission.
Measuring of speed between speed cameras pending data protection permission. Photo: Ants Liigus

The test project for the measuring of average speed that was supposed to start this summer is waiting for the permission of the Data Protection Inspectorate.

On Aug. 8, the Transport Administration submitted a request for the use of speed camera data to the Data Protection Inspectorate in order to conduct an impact study for measuring the average speed on sections of state roads.

«Since the application is still pending at the Data Protection Inspectorate and no decision has been made, the Transport Administration cannot carry out testing at this time. If the decision is positive and the Transport Administration is granted the relevant permission, testing preparation and project communication will begin,» Kati Tamtik, director of the mobility planning service at the Transport Administration, said.

Spokespeople for the Data Protection Inspectorate said the length of the procedure depends on the authority's additional questions.

In July, the Transport Administration received a task from Climate Minister Kristen Michal and the government's traffic committee to start measuring the average speed of vehicles in the areas between speed cameras on major highways in Estonia.

«This is foremost a methodical or technical study so that we can reassess in the traffic committee whether this as a measure to increase traffic safety could be an option in the future,» Michal said at the time.

He emphasized that no personal data will be collected or fines will be issued during the study, public broadcaster ERR's news portal reported.

Possible test sections where speed will be measured in this way are located on the Tallinn-Tartu, Tallinn-Narva, Tallinn-Parnu and Aasmae-Haapsalu roads.

Already existing stationary speed cameras will be used as the measuring tool and the purpose of the study is to identify their technical capability.