We, 31.05.2023

Estonia rejects Russia's demand to take down anti-Putin poster

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Russian authorities requested a meeting with representatives of the Estonian police in order to demand that they remove a poster placed on the Narva fortress by the Estonian-Russian border calling Russian President Vladimir Putin a war criminal, the regional Pohjarannik writes.

Head of the Narva police station Indrek Puvi said that representatives of the border guards of Estonia and Russia met on the Narva border bridge at 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

«Today's unplanned meeting was initiated by the Russian side. Among other things, the poster installed on the wall of Narva Museum was discussed, the removal of which the Russian representatives demanded from our border guards,» Puvi said.

The officials of the Police and Border Guard Board told the Russian representatives that such a poster is not prohibited in Estonia, they base their work on Estonian laws, and Russian officials have no reason to demand the removal of the poster.

On Tuesday morning, Narva Museum placed a giant poster with the words «Putin war criminal» on the fortress wall, which is clearly visible across the river to Russia.

Across the river in Ivangorod, Russia is planning a grand May 9 celebration on Tuesday. The concert stage and large screens have been placed near the Sopruse Bridge in such a way that they are clearly visible on the Estonian side.

Should people participating in the celebrations in Ivangorod turn their eyes towards Estonia, they will see a poster declaring Putin a war criminal. Those from Narva who plan to come to see this concert from the Estonian side of the river should also notice it.

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