We, 31.05.2023

Estonian defense forces' infantry unit taking part in US-led operation in Iraq

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Photo: Raigo Pajula / Postimees

Estonian infantry company ESTCOY-18, mainly consisting of the personnel of the Scouts Battalion, embarked on Wednesday on a foreign mission to Iraq where the unit will serve in the US-led operation Inherent Resolve.

The Estonian unit will perform tasks involving base protection, rapid response and the security of key personnel, military spokespeople told BNS.

"If the unit serves well, it will shape the reputation of Estonians and the Estonian unit. A lot depends on this company that is the first to go to the mission area," Commander of the Scouts Battalion Col. Ranno Raudsik said when sending the unit on its way.

The core part of the unit heading to Iraq is made up of the reduced infantry company ESTCOY-18 of the Scouts Battalion.

The contingent of the Estonian defense forces will serve in the Erbil region of northern Iraq, stationed together with the international joint task force at the Erbil air base. The Estonian unit will take over responsibility from a Dutch company, which performed the same tasks until now.

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