Sa, 25.03.2023

Construction of harbor tramline to change traffic arrangements in Tallinn

Construction of harbor tramline to change traffic arrangements in Tallinn
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On Monday, construction works of the first stage of the Old City Harbor tramline began in Tallinn, bringing with them diversion of vehicular traffic from a couple of central streets.

Works began on Gonsiori and Laikmaa streets, leading to the closure of Gonsiori Street for outbound traffic between Laikmaa and Reimani streets at 11 a.m., the Tallinn city government said in a press release.

On Tuesday at 8 a.m., half of Laikmaa Street will be closed for traffic between Gonsiori Street and Narva Road in the direction of Narva mnt, with a 1+1 lane arrangement remaining in place. Pedestrians will be able to proceed on both sides of the street.

Deputy Mayor Vladimir Svet said that although cold weather postponed the start of the works by one week, the agreed timetable contains a certain reserve and the week-long delay does not affect schedules significantly.

Work in the harbor area will start at the end of next week or early the week after. Kai Street will be closed for traffic, but access to the harbor and the cruise terminal will be guaranteed throughout the construction period.

In connection with the first stage of the works, bus lines 9, 11, 31, 46, 55, 67 and 68 have been diverted.

More detailed information and traffic schemes can be found at .

The construction of the 2.5 kilometer tram line will involve a large number of extensive reconstruction works from the Kivisilla-Gonsiori street junction to Pohja Avenue. The future tram route will take a left turn from Kivisilla Street to Gonsiori Street. From there, the tramline will run via Laikmaa, Hobujaama and Ahtri streets to the harbor area. Via Laeva, Kuunari and Kai streets, the route will pass through the front of the Terminal A and via Logi and Rumbi streets, the route will pass under Linnahall. The tramway joins the tramway from Mere and Pohja avenues to the tramway towards Kopli.

According to current plans, the second phase of the works will begin on April 4.

The line is to be ready for passenger services by summer 2024. The installation of tram tracks will be followed by the paving of the carriageways and pavements, the installation of traffic management equipment, bus shelters and landscaping works, which will last until the contract expires in February 2025.

The Old City Harbor tramline construction works, including VAT and owner's supervision, cost about 46 million euros, with 26 million euros from the EU's Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF)