Sergei Tsaulin stripped of Estonian residence permit for incitement to hatred

Sergei Chaulin on the right, Alexey Esakov on the left.
Sergei Chaulin on the right, Alexey Esakov on the left. Photo: KAPO

The Estonian Police and Border Guard Board at the proposal of the Internal Security Service has declared invalid the long-term residence permit of Sergei Tsaulin, an individual of undetermined citizenship who has been spreading Russian propaganda for years.

Pursuant to the Aliens Act, the residence permit of an alien can be terminated if the alien constitutes a threat to public order and national security. Tsaulin left Estonia on the evening of Feb. 14.

Tsaulin has been actively spreading the Russian Federation's hostile propaganda for a long time. A tool of the Kremlin, he has been inciting to national and political hatred under the guise of antifascist movement for years.

He has also been one of the leaders of the Immortal Regiment (Bessmertny Polk) march and led the non-profit organization Venemaa Kaasmaalased Euroopas (Russian Compatriots in Europe) to implement Russia's polarization policy.

The unprovoked and unjustified aggression relaunched by Russia against Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022, explains how dangerous such activities are.