Sa, 2.12.2023

A nearly four-meter sunflower decorates a garden in Jõgeva

Alexandra Saarniit
, ajakirjanik
Photo: Erakogu

Tiia Vare who lives in the town of Jõgeva, planted some seeds in honor of Ukraine a few months ago, which have now grown into a giant sunflower.

Vare said that these are the first sunflowers that she has grown on her own, but of course she has other plants in the garden, albeit much smaller ones. «I grew the plants in pots in the greenhouse, and in the middle of May the plants were about half a meter tall.»

According to her, the sunflower, which has grown surprisingly tall, started gaining height when it rained. «Apparently it was well watered. It grew by itself, the sunflower has not received any fertilizer, Vare explained.

The flower planted in honor of Ukraine has grown to a height of three meters and 79 centimeters. For comparison: Vare is one meter and 66 centimeters tall. Extremely tall sunflowers have attracted attention in Estonia before. For example, the tallest sunflower of the year 2017 was an almost five-meter specimen.