Police to pay more attention to checking Covid certificates compliance

Photo: Eero Vabamägi

The police will be paying more attention to companies’ obligation to ask patrons to produce Covid certificates in order to contain the spread of the virus.

Head of the Police and Border Guard Board (PPA) crisis headquarters Tago Trei said control will be aimed at companies that have failed to observe the obligation. “We will be ramping up checks in establishments regarding which we’ve received information to suggest they are not asking to see certificates,” he said. The police officer said that while there are companies that are diligent about checking certificates, others do it sporadically or not at all.

“Our focus will be on companies ignoring the measures as their behavior negates the positive effect of all exemplary companies that take the situation seriously and make efforts to stop the virus from spreading,” Trei said.

He added that the authorities have so far bet on companies understanding and mainly issued warnings, while repeated violations will result in fines moving forward. “We will record first-time offenses and give the company time to remedy shortcomings. A second raid during which violations are found will result in proceedings,” Trei said. The police can fine companies for failure to comply.

Ragnar Vaiknemets, head of the crisis headquarters of the Health Board, said that compliance with rules is important and every enterprise’s contribution counts. “Why should restaurants that comply with measures and those that don’t suffer equally when restrictions are eventually ramped up again? Our experience suggests that even major events can be safe if the organizers follow rules and ensure infection control,” Vaiknemets said.

The police have been checking compliance with measures since August 16. In that time, the authorities have launched 19 proceedings of which 16 are misdemeanor proceedings concerning violating quarantine and isolation requirements. Three proceedings concern companies that have failed to comply with restrictions.