Daily Postimees publishes front page ad requesting Poland's help in Estonians' return home

Front page of the Thursday edition of Postimees

PHOTO: Kuvatõmmis

In an advertisement published on the front page of the Thursday edition of Postimees, the Estonian daily is asking that the Polish government allow Estonian citizens to return home through Poland without restrictions.

The announcement, which covers the entire front page and features text in both Estonian and Polish, says that Estonia has always considered Poland to be its friend. The announcement also recalls that Maria, the wife of Gen. Johan Laidoner, commander‑in‑chief of the Estonian armed forces during the Estonian War of Independence, was Polish. Additionally, Estonia allowed the Polish submarine Orzel to flee Tallinn in 1939.

"Please now let our people return home through Poland without restriction. We want to count on you now as well as in the future," it is said in the published text.

Mart Raudsaar, editor-in-chief of Postimees, said that the current emergency situation calls for special action from everyone, which is why everyone is required to make more of an effort than usual. "The addressing of the Polish government on the first page of Postimees is an example of people's diplomacy, where journalism comes to the government's aid in solving the problem that has developed in Poland," Raudsaar said. "It is a common wish of all of us that people get home through Poland alive and well and that the transport of vital goods continues. The issue primarily concerns European Union solidarity," he added.

As a result of strict measures implemented by Poland, queues of lorries stretching almost 50 kilometers have developed at the Polish borders in recent days, which, in turn, means a slowdown in freight transport. Poland closed its borders on Sunday in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus in the country. International train, bus and air travel was suspended and life was made difficult for drivers. Many Estonians were stranded abroad and were unable to return home.

Estonia has also raised the topic of queues that have developed on the Polish-German border in NATO.