Sa, 4.02.2023

Chinese embassy demands Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service redo security report

Chinese embassy demands Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service redo security report
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Chinese flag.
Chinese flag. Photo: PEETER LANGOVITS / PM/EMF

The Chinese embassy in Estonia has criticized the recent security report of the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service, which, among other things, covers threats originating from China. 

In a statement posted on the embassy’s website on February 14, it is said that astonishment was stirred up by the International Security of Estonia 2020 report published on February 12 by the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service. Spokespeople for the embassy said in the post that the part concerning China was characterized by ignorance, prejudice as well as Cold War mindset.

„Regardless of the prospective ongoing relations between China and Estonia, it presents China as a so-called country of threat by stories out of nothing, distorted facts or malicious attacks. This is neither professional nor responsible,“ spokespeople for the Chinese embassy said in the statement.

„The Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service is requested, based on facts and truth, to correct its incorrect expressions to remove the negative impact,“ embassy spokespeople said. „They are advised to make useful and practical efforts to support the development of bilateral relations,“ it is said in the statement.

Observing that the world has not seen China as active in foreign policy as it is now for decades, the Foreign Intelligence Service said in its annual report that the underlying goal for China is to impose its own worldview and standards, building a Beijing-led international environment that appeals to China.

„The concept of 'peaceful development' advocated by the previous Chinese president Hu Jintao is used less and less by current Chinese leaders, and instead, they are stressing more and more across the globe the message of China as a power that has come to stay, with others simply forced to adjust to this 'new world order',“ the report said.