Sa, 4.02.2023

Aeg not to suggest Perling for prosecutor general

Martin Laine
, reporter
Aeg not to suggest Perling for prosecutor general
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Lavly Perling.
Lavly Perling. Photo: Tairo Lutter

Minister of Justice Raivo Aeg will not nominate Prosecutor General Lavly Perling for another term. “We must admit today that there is no consensus in the government.

The government’s decisions must be based on a consensus and approved by all sides,” the minister said during Riigikogu Question Time yesterday. “Therefore, it is quite likely that Lavly Perling must stay on in the capacity of acting prosecutor general at least for some time after her contract expires on October 31.”

Perling told Postimees that she met with Aeg yesterday afternoon and learned that the minister would not propose her candidacy because the Conservative People’s Party (EKRE) is against Perling staying on. This would mean Perling would likely have to continue as acting prosecutor general after October 31. “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I told the minister I would like to think about it at least over the coming weekend,” Perling said.

The prosecutor general said that staying on in an acting capacity has both pros and cons but did not go into detail. “It would be good if the new prosecutor general could start from day one. Asked whether anyone even has the courage to run for prosecutor general now, Perling could not answer.

She said she is willing to continue as prosecutor general. “However, if they need a new candidate, the prosecution has its share of capable people with management experience who could do the job brilliantly. I am prepared to recommend them,” she added.

Raivo Aeg said in front of the Riigikogu that he believes the prosecution has been managed successfully and that he would like to see Perling continue. “I have chosen and proposed my candidate in every way except formally. I have not taken her to the Riigikogu Legal Affairs Committee as its opinion is required before one can seek public office,” the minister said.

“I have not deemed it proper to take her to the committee, thinking of Lavly Perling. I’m sure the committee would support Perling’s candidacy, but considering that there is no consensus in the government – it would simply be unfair to Perling and wouldn’t look good,” Aeg explained.