China's state-owned newspaper criticizes Baltic states

Demonstrators link hands as they gather at the Hong Kong Space Museum in Hong Kong, Friday, Aug. 23, 2019.

PHOTO: Vincent Yu / AP / Scanpix

Wen Wei Po, a state-owned Hong Kong-based Chinese language newspaper, on August 24 published an article mocking the independence of the three Baltic states in which it was also stated that, instead of anticipated success, the countries were left in squalor and the standard of living today is even lower than during the Soviet period.

According to the Chinese daily, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have corrupt politicians, ridiculous wages as well as inter-ethnic conflicts.

The article was published a day after protesters in Hong Kong organized a human chain inspired by the Baltic Way, a peaceful political demonstration that occurred in the Baltic states on August 23, 1989. The article also touches upon what it believes the Baltic Way actually was and where it has taken Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania over the period of time following it, highlighting various problems.

Wen Wei Po is a fully pro-Beijing newspaper, which has recently stood out for publishing personal information concerning Julie Eadeh, consul general of the United States' consulate in Hong Kong.

In response to a series of articles on Chinese influence published by the daily Postimees this week, the Chinese embassy in Tallinn said that the role of journalists should be promoting the relations between two countries, not twisting the truth.