Fr, 1.12.2023

Chinese embassy in Estonia: Journalist's task to support good relations between countries

Photo: Caro / Scanpix

Following a series of articles concerning Chinese impact published by Estonian daily Postimees, the embassy of the People's Republic of China in Tallinn issued a statement that, among other things, said that the task of a journalist should be promoting relations between Estonia and China.

When preparing the articles, Postimees also turned to the Tallinn-based embassy with questions. Although the embassy had seven days to forward any comments, none were forwarded. However, Wang Zhancheng, head of the embassy's political desk, forwarded a statement when the first article, which investigated Chinese soft power, had already been published. 

"The Chinese embassy is firmly committed to national sovereignty and territorial integrity. We appreciate the clear position of the Estonian government in support of the 'One China' policy. The Chinese government is strongly opposed to anyone who endorses or encourages any word or act that undermines our sovereignty and independence," it is said in the statement.

Among other things, the article published by Postimees also touched upon how Estonian politicians have experienced aggressive "feedback" from the embassy here after being in contact with representatives of Tibet or Taiwan. Other topics emphasized in the forwarded statement included the importance of relations between Estonia and China, mutual respect, equal treatment and good cooperation in the field of economy, culture and tourism.

"Journalists are committed to professional ethics and must adhere to the principles of accuracy, impartiality and truth. They are expected to [contribute to] the advancement of Chinese-Estonian relations, instead of disclosing false and misleading information that twists the truth. We should cherish the friendly relations and bright prospects of China and Estonia," the embassy said.

Postimees writes that although the embassy accused the daily and journalists of partners participating in the project of twisting the truth, no arguments to support that were presented. In addition, the embassy has still not answered any questions submitted by Postimees already on Tuesday of last week.

The Estonian daily Postimees along with the Baltic Center for Investigative Journalism Re:Baltica in Latvia and  Lithuanian business daily Verslo Zinios published a series of articles this week on the impact and footprints of China in the Baltic states.