Estonian Ski Association rules on expulsion of Mati Alaver

Mati Alaver.

PHOTO: Jürgen Puistaja / Kanal 2

The board of the Estonian Ski Association decided on Tuesday to call for the expulsion from the association’s ranks of coach Mati Alaver and send a letter to the International Ski Federation (FIS) with a request to suspend, on the basis of FIS anti-doping rules, the competition licenses of the skiers connected with the doping case for an unspecified period.

A corresponding letter has been sent to skiers Karel Tammjärv and Andreas Veerpalu. Additionally, the board of the Estonian Ski Association asked for the suspension of the license of Algo Kärp.

Revocation of the licenses means that the athletes in question will not be able to participate in any competition held under the aegis of FIS. In addition, FIS will probably impose a full competition ban on the athletes under investigation, which would bar the skiers from all competitions, including popular marathons and other small competitions in Estonia. 

The board of the Estonian Ski Association also ruled that all athletes and support  personnel related to athletes who have knowingly used doping, engaged in the peddling of doping or concealed a doping case known to them will be barred from participating in the work and training of the Estonian national team, representing Estonia in major competitions, including international competitions, as well as from membership of the governing bodies of the Estonian Ski Association and having a paid job with the association.

The Estonian Ski Association’s sub-committee on cross-country skiing will convene as soon as possible to recall Mati Alaver with a corresponding decision by the meeting of the sub-committee on cross-country skiing.

Besides, the board of the Estonian Ski Association decided that representing the Estonian ski team in any fashion without an athlete’s agreement concluded in person with the Estonian Ski Association must be ruled out. 

The Estonian Ski Association also hailed the decisions made by the executive committee of the Estonian Olympic Committee (EOC) on Tuesday and will pursue the full revocation of coach’s licenses of Mati Alaver and Andrus Veerpalu. The cancellation of a coach’s license is a matter of exclusive competence of the EOC, the association said.

The association hailed the stance of the EOC to make proposals to the Ministry of Justice and the Office of the Prosecutor General for tougher punishments for doping.

The Estonian Ski Association will from now on focus on rebuilding the structure of cross-country skiing and implementing change in the sport. A part of these activities is the formation of a new team responsible for the management of cross-country skiing within the association.

As regards various claims for the repayment of support money from the sponsors of the aforementioned athletes and state institutions, these are to be handled separately and the association is to take its stance with regard to them on an ongoing basis, depending on the size of the claim and other contractual details.