Employees in for a huge bonus

PHOTO: AFP / Scanpix

Utilitas Group employs 263 people every one of whom will soon get the biggest bonus of their life: around €30,000 after taxes.

Rahu emphasized that the bonus will be paid to every single employee, irrespective of position or seniority. The bonus will also extend to people who have been laid off or those who have not been able to work due to illness or injury. The generous bonus scheme will cost Utilitas a total of €13 million.

Rahu said that the group does not see it as an expense but rather a logical decision every owner would have made in his position. “Why not share it with your people. The fact we are here today, talking about the sale of Utilitas has been made possible by their work,” Rahu said after yesterday’s press conference.

Asked whether it would be possible to get a position at Utilitas immediately, Rahu smiled and said that the list of people who will qualify for the bonus was approved in the morning and is now closed. “The only thing I expect from people is for them to show up tomorrow,” Rahu, who made around €270 million from the sale, said. To compare: the average gross salary was €1,321 or €15,852 a year in the second quarter. A person is left with €1,105 a month or €13,260 a year after taxes.