Elderly woman suspected of killing another elderly woman

PHOTO: Frantisek Chmura / PantherMedia / Scanpix

The Estonian police in Parnu County on Thursday detained an 84-year-old woman who is suspected of killing another elderly woman.

The police at 3:30 a.m. on the night before Thursday received a call that in the village of Pootsi a 84-year-old woman had hit an 87-year-old woman known to her with a cane, the victim died from the injuries sustained.

According to spokespeople for the West prefecture, the police launched criminal proceedings under the section dealing with manslaughter. If convicted, the court may hand the perpetrator a sentence of up to 17 years in prison.

Spokespeople for the West District Prosecutor's Office on Friday morning told BNS that the elderly woman suspected of the killing is currently under the care of medics at a psychiatric clinic and that the prosecutor's office is not planning to apply for her arrest.