Police looking for missing armed colleague near Tallinn

The police with large forces on Wednesday in Suurupi near Tallinn searched for a police officer, who is armed and has been missing since Monday.

«The wife of our colleague turned to the police today [Wednesday], who had not seen her husband since Monday,» Urmas Krull, head of operations at the North prefecture of the Police and Border Guard Board, told the evening newscast of the public broadcaster ERR.

As of today, neither his loved ones nor his colleagues have been able to get in touch with him, spokespeople for the Police and Border Guard Board said on Wednesday evening.

«We conducted landscape searches between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. that involved dozens of police officers. The searches have yet to yield results but we will continue our activity to find the man. At present we are unable to say what his location may be. In addition, we know that Marek after the end of his shift on Monday took his services weapon with him when leaving his place of work and we have also not found the weapon yet,» Krull was quoted by spokespeople as saying.

«Our colleague has a weapon but he is not dangerous,» Krull said on the live newscast.

He called for everyone who may have seen the man to call the on-call number of the police.

The sought police officer, Marek, is approximately 180 centimeters tall, of strong build and blonde. He may be wearing a dark jacket and dark shoes.

As the man has yet to be found from the Suurupi area, the plan of the police is to expand the search region, Krull told.