Simson: sins not visited upon family members in Estonia

Kadri Simson.

PHOTO: Mailiis Ollino

Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson (Center Party), who returned from Brussels yesterday, said in a telephone interview to Postimees that she will recognize it should the time come for her to resign.

Kadri Simson, how much did you know before the criminal investigation was made public? You had to be aware of the position of the current management of HKScan.

I did not know there would be a criminal case. I learned of that yesterday (Wednesday).

However, you were aware of the management’s accusations?

Of course I knew that the new leadership at HKScan has been unsuccessful in concluding employment contracts with long-time employees.

How did you learn of it?

Teet Soorm (Simson’s partner – ed.) had his representative call me.

Have you spoken to Prime Minister Jüri Ratas about this matter?

Yes, I have. He’s presently in Africa, but I received a message from him and called him yesterday (Wednesday) evening.

What did he tell you?

He told me to hang in there during this difficult period.

You told ERR that forced to choose between politics and loved ones, you would choose the latter. Where is that red line that would force you to make that choice?

I will recognize that moment when it comes. Today I can say that people’s sins are not visited upon their families in Estonia, including sins that have not been confirmed.

Are you confident this will not interfere with your work moving forward?

I’ve been in Brussels for the past two days because of Estonia’s EU presidency, chaired the council, even though a lot of other people would have spent that time at home supporting their loved ones. I have been worried for Teet Soorm, I’ve been worried for his parents and children.

However, my concern has not stopped me from effectively chairing the competitiveness council, overseeing decisions that have long been prepared by Estonia’s representatives in Brussels. I think I’m pretty good and marrying my work and private life.