Pevkur urges Reform to stop infighting

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Hanno Pevkur

PHOTO: Eero Vabamägi

An article published in the yesterday issue of Postimees caused chairman Hanno Pevkur to send a letter to fellow Reform Party members yesterday, urging everyone to stop fighting.

“These kinds of articles work against us and benefit no one except our competitors and the press. /…/

Enough! Enough intrigues and counter-intrigues. Enough bird song and spin doctors. We need to draw the line today, right now! /…/ Our adversaries are not among us, but stand outside the party. We will not win the election by being at each other’s throats. /…/

I’m sure I have made mistakes in the past 11 months. I admit it. However, I want to be able to celebrate an election victory with all of you in March of 2019. This can only happen through the concentrated efforts of a united team. This trench warfare must end. We need to set an example for the entire party. Once we are prepared to overcome personal umbrage and disappointment, we will be ready to win the next election.”

Postimees wrote yesterday that the Reform Party has fallen out with itself. On the one side we have the board led by chairman Pevkur, on the other Kristen Michal, looking to get the squirrels back under his control. Signs show that Kaja Kallas is being considered for the position of chairman.