Man threatens conscripts with gun at Spring Storm, fires shot in air

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Photo: Elmo Riig / Sakala

Police have started an investigation after a local resident on Tuesday fired a shot in the air from a hunting rifle as he was confronting conscripts taking part in the Spring Storm military exercise over alleged trespassing.

The incident took place in Ohepalu village in the territory of the Kadrina rural municipality in West-Viru County, Postimees said.

Police were informed on Tuesday that a 56-year-old local man used a hunting gun to threaten conscripts who had allegedly entered his territory and fired a shot in the air, Kerttu Krall, spokesperson for the East prefecture of the Police and Border Guard Board said.

Nobody was hurt.

Police have refused further comment, saying that the incident is the subject of an ongoing investigation.

A criminal investigation has been opened based on the article of the Penal Code dealing with aggravated breach of public order, which is punishable with a fine or imprisonment of up to five years.