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Prosecutor wants court to hand out pecuniary punishment to Kender

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North district prosecutor Lea Pahkel on Wednesday asked the Harju county court to mete out a pecuniary punishment to writer Kaur Kender who is charged with the production of child pornography.

According to the prosecutor the guilt of Kender has been proven and he should be given a pecuniary punishment in the amount of 300 daily rates, which is this case would be 3,939 euros. The prosecutor also wants Kender to pay compensation levies as well as cover the costs of literary expertise.

The costs of a psychiatric expertise should be covered by the state, the prosecutor said.

The trial is to continue on Thursday with a defense speech.

The court decided on Wednesday that from then on the trial will be public.

The trial started on May 2 and Kender did not plead guilty.

The North circuit prosecutor's office has charged Kender, 45, with the production of child pornography. The statement of charges says Kender wrote a piece of prose titled 'Untitled 12' the content of which is made up of detailed descriptions of acts of sexual intercourse between an adult man and small children. Kender published the piece on the website.

Kender told investigators his work is not a depiction of children in a pornographic situation but of the psychological disintegration and psychiatric collapse of a sexual maniac and serial killer, executed through the prism of immense grotesque.

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