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Less people taken to Tallinn drunk tank in 2016 than previous year

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PHOTO: Albert Truuväärt

In all 5,775 intoxicated people were delivered to the drunk tank of the Estonian capital Tallinn in 2016, which is 106 people less than the year before.

Of the occupants last year 5,028 were men and 747 women, the Tallinn city government said. Of the occupants 1,814 were homeless.

The number of foreigners hauled into the sobering-up station during 2016 was 401, and they included 269 Finnish, and 132 citizens of other countries, including Mexicans, Icelanders, Americans, Irish, Swiss, Indians, French and Germans.

In 2015, 5,881 intoxicated people were delivered to the drunk tank, including 637 women and 5,244 men.

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