Tallinn borough head asks police to strengthen security at Christmas market

Tallinna jõuluturg Raekoja platsil

PHOTO: Liis Treimann

The governor of the Central Tallinn borough, Alar Naame, has asked the police to increase their presence at Tallinn's Christmas market to assure visitors' safety.

Naame on Tuesday discussed assuring safety in Tallinn during the Christmas period with police representatives. "I asked the police to find ways to increase the attention and number of police patrols in the streets of Central Tallinn, especially by focusing on places where people meet, like the Christmas market, so that nobody's Christmas spirit is ruined," Naame said.

Monday's attack in Berlin was also discussed at the meeting. According to Naame he believes that the likelihood of such events occurring in Tallinn is very small, but he still expects the police to be extra careful.